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One thing at a time

Some may say there is no such thing as a person who can multi task, I however strongly disagree. As any parent with more than one child can tell you there are times when you are doing something with this one and tending to that one at the same time. Have you ever tied your shoe and carried on a conversation with someone while you were doing it? Then welcome my friend to the world of multi taskers. Its not always a pretty world but for me its an effective one. During the first half of the week I have only my hearing kids. My oldest child (who is deaf) comes home on Thursdays. The end of the week more than any other time is when my multi tasking skills get put to the test, homework on sign, homework in voice and usually dinner with pleas to turn down the tv. It can be very commical to hear and see or so I’ve been told. To our home it is second nature, mom taking on two or more children and things at a time, for me to do anything different is strange. I’m a multitasker and I’m proud of it 🙂


Drum Roll Please

On this day in 1972 a young mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The true nature of this little girl was reveled just two short years later when the young mom came home with yet another baby and the oldest girl held the baby in her arms and said, “My baby.” For almost 37 years now I have been my older sisters baby – which isn’t to say we didn’t hit a rough spot or two in the teen years but she has always, and will always be one of my very closest and best friends. We’ve helped each other through some epic good times (Don’t be obvious) and some very bad.  We’ve grown together, laughed together, cried together and most importantly learned how to love through this bond called sisterhood. I love very, very much Jonii and I thank God each and every day that he blessed me with a sister as wonderful as you.


Happy Birthday lady!!!! Celebrate your day 🙂

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In my own little world

I sit here quietly in my own little world, looking out the window and thinking to myself this is not how things should be in my own little world. I should own a home with room for the kids, I should not have to worry for money to pay the bills. In my own little world there’s no struggle or strife, my kids are behaved and all is alright. In my own little world I dress like a model, my house is immaculate and Gabe is off the bottle. In my own little world all is as it should be but the reality is I’m still just me. I don’t look like a model, the house is a mess, Gabe will scream without his bottle, all the bills are due, we’ve been blessed with a home but it’s not ours to keep but guess what my real life is perfectly suited to ME.

Seeking for perfection can drive a person to places that are better left alone. No one is perfect even if they appear so. Be proud of who you are and where you’ve been, without that journey you may not be able to help others in need. There is always someone who needs you more than you think, just be aware it may not be who you think or how you think but you are always in need.


Hope this helps somebody 🙂 Have a great day

A little at a time

Everyday we as people face new things some things are good some are not. Some of them hurt others don’t. I think the biggest challenges are the ones that directly affect children, to see the hurt and the pain caused by others and as a parent not being able to “fix” it especially if that is one of the roles that your child regularly sees you in.

My daughter has been bullied the whole time she has been in school and she is only in the 5th grade. It may be because she’s tall (at 10 years old she is 5’3 and still growing) it may be because she’s skinny, it may be because she is outright beautiful (and that’s not just a mom saying her child is beautiful it’s stated by everyone who meets her) whatever the reason this beautiful child has little self esteem. She comes home in tears with stories of how kids at school call her names and do mean things to her all day long. I have removed her from one school for such acts but I can’t always take her out of one school and put her in another. At some point she needs to learn to deal with some of these things herself. No I’m not going to blame the teachers or the school administrators. They have sooooo much on their plates already, for them to be aware of what’s going on is all I ask of them but what more can I do as a parent? As her primary source of comfort? As a person who was bullied herself? Elementary school wasn’t as hard for me as it is for her, my older sister was there for the first few years and made it VERY well known that picking on me resulted in reaction from her (not a wall many were willing to scale) but for my daughter who is there? Who will be her champion?

I am trying to teach my daughter that sometimes she needs to be her own champion. When no one else will stand up for her to stand up for herself. I am teaching my daughter that no matter what children may say she IS beautiful inside and out. I am teaching my daughter that taking things one day at a time a little at a time is the best route. Will this help her with future life lessons? I hope so if not I will need to find another course of attack but for now taking things a little at a time seems to be working well.

Now THAT was good…….

YesterDAY sucked!! Oh my goodness I’ve eaten lemons that were less sour than my day yesterday. My day turned so rotten that after the hard work and rearrangement of other peoples lives I was not going to go to a concert I had my heart set on since my friend asked me to go with her. But alas, there were other plans……I finally agreed to go as more of a support for my friend who’s been having a rough of it as of late and to just get a much needed break for myself (I’m supermom remember – the only break I get is in my sleep and often that is interrupted by my two youngest crawling in the bed).

So I went and it was AWESOME!!!! This made my 3rd  Duran Duran concert and by far it was the best one by them that I’ve gone to!! I even resisted the urge to yell to Nick Rhodes that I love him (again). It was great to yell, scream, dance and act like a teenager with a whole bunch of other grown ups doing the same thing. It will be a night that I won’t forget soon, not even so much for the music and for being able to see the band but more for the love that I felt from others in getting me there and for the love that I was able to give to a friend in need. How does this tie in to my children you ask? I doesn’t really only to say that even the best of parents need a break from their children from time to time especially if they get to act like children themselves.


The Wisdom of Moms

Not to long ago I was talking to my children and said something that I remember my mom saying to me when I was growing up. Some are just standard, “Look with your eyes not with your hands.” that sort of thing but this thing that I said was one of those” I sound like my mom” moments but instead of freaking out as so many people often do when they say something that reminds them of their parents or their childhood, I took a moment to reflect and this is what I came up with. It must not have been a bad thing. So what you repeated your mom, guess what she probably repeated her mom and your grandmom probably repeated her mom so women are freaking out for sounding like the previous generations of women in their family…….why? Why is it such a bad thing to sound like your mom? In my eyes it’s not. There must of been some sound wisdom in whatever she said or it wouldn’t be coming out of your mouth. Just a little thought for the day.

In other news – tonight is the Duran Duran concert here in the Seattle area (I discovered today they are kicking off their North American tour here for the first time since 1984) a friend of mine was wonderful enough to get a ticket for me and everything was on track for tonights big event until about a week ago. Now at the very last minute I’m still in the process of a mad scramble to find child care. *sigh* such is life at least at my house. As I have more phone calls to make, texts to send and lunch to cook I will bid you a fond farewell. Hopefully tomorrows post contains all sorts of good news 🙂

Whoo Hooo?????

Good day all,

Soooooo……I had something that I thought was totally brilliant planned out to write about today but that was dashed by a phone call. Turns out someone out there is using my name and one of my old addresses to buy and sell Domain Names. Apparently I have 198 Domain names for sell – wish someone would of told me what I was up to without me finding out by a name search for me to add me to Google+. Wow, talk about a great morning. LOL Now that the person who informed me of this wonderful info and  I have searched and searched and searched the internet some more for any useful information on how to make the person stop using my name I’ve finally resorted to asking Google to simply block the domain names that pop up when my name is searched. We’ll see how it goes.


In other news- today is Thursday which is always a good day for me because my oldest son gets to come home!! 🙂  Even though after 2 hours of football practice he smells like a sweaty teenager I LOVE having him here. I’ve noticed how Thursdays always brighten my moods even if it’s only a little bit.

The little two are having a water war in the bathtub and my daughter is being herself. To know her is to love her to not know her is your loss. Like so many other 10 year old girls these days she has here fair share of issues “real” or imagined. The thing for me to do as (duh duh duh-duh SUPER) mom is to guide her through her 10 year old life with love and support. It’s the actions of a parent at these times and these stages that will determine whether your children feel comfortable enough to come to you later and truthfully tell you the issues in their life. So far I think I’m on the right course after all my 15 year old does so that’s gotta count for something right?


Time to jet- until next time be well