Whoo Hooo?????

Good day all,

Soooooo……I had something that I thought was totally brilliant planned out to write about today but that was dashed by a phone call. Turns out someone out there is using my name and one of my old addresses to buy and sell Domain Names. Apparently I have 198 Domain names for sell – wish someone would of told me what I was up to without me finding out by a name search for me to add me to Google+. Wow, talk about a great morning. LOL Now that the person who informed me of this wonderful info and  I have searched and searched and searched the internet some more for any useful information on how to make the person stop using my name I’ve finally resorted to asking Google to simply block the domain names that pop up when my name is searched. We’ll see how it goes.


In other news- today is Thursday which is always a good day for me because my oldest son gets to come home!! 🙂  Even though after 2 hours of football practice he smells like a sweaty teenager I LOVE having him here. I’ve noticed how Thursdays always brighten my moods even if it’s only a little bit.

The little two are having a water war in the bathtub and my daughter is being herself. To know her is to love her to not know her is your loss. Like so many other 10 year old girls these days she has here fair share of issues “real” or imagined. The thing for me to do as (duh duh duh-duh SUPER) mom is to guide her through her 10 year old life with love and support. It’s the actions of a parent at these times and these stages that will determine whether your children feel comfortable enough to come to you later and truthfully tell you the issues in their life. So far I think I’m on the right course after all my 15 year old does so that’s gotta count for something right?


Time to jet- until next time be well


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