The Wisdom of Moms

Not to long ago I was talking to my children and said something that I remember my mom saying to me when I was growing up. Some are just standard, “Look with your eyes not with your hands.” that sort of thing but this thing that I said was one of those” I sound like my mom” moments but instead of freaking out as so many people often do when they say something that reminds them of their parents or their childhood, I took a moment to reflect and this is what I came up with. It must not have been a bad thing. So what you repeated your mom, guess what she probably repeated her mom and your grandmom probably repeated her mom so women are freaking out for sounding like the previous generations of women in their family…….why? Why is it such a bad thing to sound like your mom? In my eyes it’s not. There must of been some sound wisdom in whatever she said or it wouldn’t be coming out of your mouth. Just a little thought for the day.

In other news – tonight is the Duran Duran concert here in the Seattle area (I discovered today they are kicking off their North American tour here for the first time since 1984) a friend of mine was wonderful enough to get a ticket for me and everything was on track for tonights big event until about a week ago. Now at the very last minute I’m still in the process of a mad scramble to find child care. *sigh* such is life at least at my house. As I have more phone calls to make, texts to send and lunch to cook I will bid you a fond farewell. Hopefully tomorrows post contains all sorts of good news 🙂


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