Now THAT was good…….

YesterDAY sucked!! Oh my goodness I’ve eaten lemons that were less sour than my day yesterday. My day turned so rotten that after the hard work and rearrangement of other peoples lives I was not going to go to a concert I had my heart set on since my friend asked me to go with her. But alas, there were other plans……I finally agreed to go as more of a support for my friend who’s been having a rough of it as of late and to just get a much needed break for myself (I’m supermom remember – the only break I get is in my sleep and often that is interrupted by my two youngest crawling in the bed).

So I went and it was AWESOME!!!! This made my 3rd  Duran Duran concert and by far it was the best one by them that I’ve gone to!! I even resisted the urge to yell to Nick Rhodes that I love him (again). It was great to yell, scream, dance and act like a teenager with a whole bunch of other grown ups doing the same thing. It will be a night that I won’t forget soon, not even so much for the music and for being able to see the band but more for the love that I felt from others in getting me there and for the love that I was able to give to a friend in need. How does this tie in to my children you ask? I doesn’t really only to say that even the best of parents need a break from their children from time to time especially if they get to act like children themselves.



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