A little at a time

Everyday we as people face new things some things are good some are not. Some of them hurt others don’t. I think the biggest challenges are the ones that directly affect children, to see the hurt and the pain caused by others and as a parent not being able to “fix” it especially if that is one of the roles that your child regularly sees you in.

My daughter has been bullied the whole time she has been in school and she is only in the 5th grade. It may be because she’s tall (at 10 years old she is 5’3 and still growing) it may be because she’s skinny, it may be because she is outright beautiful (and that’s not just a mom saying her child is beautiful it’s stated by everyone who meets her) whatever the reason this beautiful child has little self esteem. She comes home in tears with stories of how kids at school call her names and do mean things to her all day long. I have removed her from one school for such acts but I can’t always take her out of one school and put her in another. At some point she needs to learn to deal with some of these things herself. No I’m not going to blame the teachers or the school administrators. They have sooooo much on their plates already, for them to be aware of what’s going on is all I ask of them but what more can I do as a parent? As her primary source of comfort? As a person who was bullied herself? Elementary school wasn’t as hard for me as it is for her, my older sister was there for the first few years and made it VERY well known that picking on me resulted in reaction from her (not a wall many were willing to scale) but for my daughter who is there? Who will be her champion?

I am trying to teach my daughter that sometimes she needs to be her own champion. When no one else will stand up for her to stand up for herself. I am teaching my daughter that no matter what children may say she IS beautiful inside and out. I am teaching my daughter that taking things one day at a time a little at a time is the best route. Will this help her with future life lessons? I hope so if not I will need to find another course of attack but for now taking things a little at a time seems to be working well.


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