In my own little world

I sit here quietly in my own little world, looking out the window and thinking to myself this is not how things should be in my own little world. I should own a home with room for the kids, I should not have to worry for money to pay the bills. In my own little world there’s no struggle or strife, my kids are behaved and all is alright. In my own little world I dress like a model, my house is immaculate and Gabe is off the bottle. In my own little world all is as it should be but the reality is I’m still just me. I don’t look like a model, the house is a mess, Gabe will scream without his bottle, all the bills are due, we’ve been blessed with a home but it’s not ours to keep but guess what my real life is perfectly suited to ME.

Seeking for perfection can drive a person to places that are better left alone. No one is perfect even if they appear so. Be proud of who you are and where you’ve been, without that journey you may not be able to help others in need. There is always someone who needs you more than you think, just be aware it may not be who you think or how you think but you are always in need.


Hope this helps somebody 🙂 Have a great day


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