Uh huh

Normally this is the part where I wax poetic about something but currently I’m so sleep deprived I’m surprised I’m even able to set on the edge of the bed and hammer this out on my super spiffy new phone. The last two weeks have been rough. My daughter has been super sick, my 15 year old has been acting like, well a teenager for the first time ever (and I have to say teens act a lot like 2 year olds – all abo ME!!!), the hubby killed his foot ( for those keeping track we are up to 3 kids now) it’s been purple, black and blue since Saturday. The only three people in my family that have been holding steady are the 4 year old, the (will be) 2 year old and myself. I however find myself taking private internal moments to fume madly at my choice to be cook, nurse, ref, dishwasher, maid and the cleaner upper of bodily fluids and functions both human and animal. the desire to go back to school grows daily. Don’t get me wrong I do love my family even as much as I may fume to myself but sometimes even supermom needs a break (not to mention some sleep) .


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