Rolling my eyes

Yesterday was the next to last game of my sons JV football team. They started the season hard winning every game then they played a team that was mixed JV and varsity – it shook their cinfidence and gave them their first loss. Three more losses later the whole moral of the team was in the gutter. Yesterday they got their beginning of the season groove back and won 12 to 0. Having gotten a a slightly late start and then getting lost on the way to the school hosting the game, then lost again trying to find the field my crew showed up just as the teams were shaking hands. My son was just glad to see us there. I walked to the bus with him chatting away about the game and the fact that he didn’t have a buck fifty for an oreo ice cream snack after lunch, in the midst of all this the other boys from the team were getting on the bus, all of them giving me a curious look then it happened……. one little boy on his way past my son and I looked at me and said, “Hey……whats up?” In his best I’m trying to get my flirt on voice. I just kept signing and ignored the boy. When I got in the car I told my daughter what happened she laughed, and laughed. My reply to her laughter, ” I guess that little boy doesn’t know I’m old enough to be his mom!!!” To which my daughter laughed even more and I rolled my eyes.


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