Today was a good day



Today was one of those semi perfect days. It didn’t start off that way and it’s looking like it may end that way as well. It started with lunch with the kids, followed by a walk thru two corn mazes! When we finished the corn mazes we ate fresh roasted corn on the cob and fresh made kettle corn. The kids got along great up until we pulled into the garage. They’ve since mellowed out and being tuckered out one is down, one is on the brink of going and the older two…….well they always hold on til the better end. I however am getting ready to crash with Gobby to make up for his first night without a bottle. That however is a story for another time.


One thought on “Today was a good day

  1. I love the long Gobby fingers! He was jammin’ on that corn, eh? And… why is AJ acting like the paparazzi are after him? (NO PICS PLEASE!) 🙂

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