Letting it go

A year ago yesterday I was laid off from my job. It’s a rather sore subject for me seeing as my employer choose to keep two people with less senority than me and the layoff came on the heels of anther more devasting loss. I choose instead to just let yesterday go. I made only passing mention of the one year mark to my husband and then today blamo slap in the face – a letter stating that I’ve now lost all senority ( which was something I already knew so it wasn’t like I needes the reminder). The “bigger” person in me is saying let it go, it’s just a formality. Then the other part of me is saying I know now why people go postal. I do not wish ill or harm to those that I worked with, I enjoyed my time there but this is a hurt and a wound that hasn’t healed yet so maybe it’s time for me to let it go so that I can.  (Please NO COMMENTS)


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