The joys of motherhood

The joys of motherhood are without number but the the things that we as moms sometimes endure to achieve those joys……well now sometimes that can be a different story. Take for example a 4 year old asked to get a diaper for his sibling who had just woken up and was soaking wet. Said 4 year old being a bases coved kinda guy decides to get diaper, wipes, and baby powder. Diapers and wipes are kept within reach baby powder nor so much. So 4 year old climbs a shelf in his closet to get baby powder, at some point opens it and dumps half the contents on the floor ( earlier in the day the 4 year old and 2 year old dumped out all of their toys and the 4 year old put most of his pants on the floor). So mom upon coming back upstairs and entering boys room for reason now forgotten screamed in frustration at the winter like baby powdered covered scene she was met with. To tired and upset to deal with it last night mom decides to make room #1 priority today but decides to play cafe world and farmville while enjoying breakfast and a cup of coffee first. Bad move!!!! The boys decide that now is a good time to finish off the bottle of baby powder. Mom again frustrated leaves room alone so that it can be delt with when mom is calm. The room will be cleaned TONIGHT ( mom will be joyful that a- room is clean and b- no longer covered in baby powder) and if nothing else it’ll smell like baby powder for awhile which is a much better smell than some other things I can think of. Yup, the joys of motherhood 🙂


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