To have a complete picture you must have all the pixles and shapes in place without those two things you will be looking at a blank canvas. This time of year when so many are frantic with shopping, wrapping cooking, etc it’s very easy to loose sight of the big picture. Its easy to not want to take the time to reflect on what and or whom got you to where you are now. For example this time last year my family was living in a motel and I was severly depressed. So depressed infact that a lot of the time I didn’t get dressed or out of bed. This year I have SOOOO much to look forward to. Monday after next I get to buy the books for my classes and then on Jan 9 I start school. 🙂  So I say again if you are just looking at the pixels or the shapes you may be looking at shades of grey on a flat surface but then when you step back you will see the grey is the beach and the flat surface is water.


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