A bad day

Yesterday was a bad day. Not that anything really bad happened it was just one of those things where I ended up interacting with people who get under my skin in a way that no one person should be allowed to endure. So what did I do? I spent most of yesterday praying and not those corny little prayers either I mean the kind where you put it all out there and confess your own fault(s) instead of pointing fingers and having a temper tantrum. Am I better today, spiritually yes, emontionally and mentally not by a long shot but I know I will be cuz I gave it to God who always does a better job of dealing with me and others than I could ever dream of. Thank God for a new day, new blessings, new mercies and most of all grace. I know I will have to deal with these people again but with the grace of God on my side I will be better able to check my emotions and be objective and (prayerfully spend ther rest of the day) less pissy.


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