Taking a turn on the soapbox

Dear American government I am tired, this is the holiday season and instead of being stressed out about gift giving, food and fun I am worried that I won’t be able to feed my children at the beginning of the new year because you are all acting like spoiled children. I could care less about your political agenda but as one of the millions of Americans that has been unemployed for over a year I do care about the bickering that is going on over extending Federal benefits to the very people who are helping to boost the economy. Must we the people constantly remind you that we pay the very wages that you are using for your fancy cars, lavish and expensive Christmas gifts, and vacations while the vast majority of us are worring about how to pay our rent, keep our lights on and get our kids gifts off of layaway so they can have a Christmas. To those of you who say people on extended benefits are lazy and on drugs shame on you! I’m sure the vast majority of us would rather have a stable job somewhere than to be at home, also here’s a little bee for your bonnet – not everyone does drugs!!! I for example cant afford childcare on the whole $375 (before I have taxes taken out) I get every week and now I’m being told I’m lazy, on drugs and do nothing but watch TV all day yeah right. What are you doing with the money the American people are trusting you with? I know you are trying to tell us we don’t deserve money that we worked hard to pay in. I for one say if I have to worry over the holidays if I will get another check you should not be allowed to go home until we the people get an answer. (Stepping off the soapbox)


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