A very ruined Christmas

So this morning I woke up to chewed on open presents for my children and housemate. To say that my hisband and I were quite angry about it is an understatement. Granted we were going to let them open some of them tonight bit to instead have to let them open all of them……it’s very sad ( to the adults) the children are having a blast with their new stuff. At least they all have one more gift to open tomorrow. Hope everyone elses Christmas Eve is going much better than mine. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “A very ruined Christmas

  1. WOW. If the grands are happy and having a fabulous time…that is ALL that really matters. Their joy out of your horror turned to down right angry should destroy what was meant for evil. Put a smile on your parental unit faces and celebrate the joyous moments with your children. SMILE!!!!!

    • We did we couldn’t help but smile when they opened their gifts. I think today was even better, I will post picts tomorrrow. Right now it’s mommy daughter Nutcracker (on Netflix) time

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