A school with a view


As I’m sure it’s been noted this was my first week back in school after 6 years and I gotta say I’d forgotten how difficult it can be to be in college. More so with two little ones at home begging for attention as soon as I walk in the door  and not taking Mommy needs to study for an answer. My 4 year old has asked me at random times this week, “So are you a nurse yet?” Lol gotta love little minds. Anyhooo……by the time winter quarter is over I should be in shape and be sporting a somewhat bigger brain. In the meantime be sure I will post lots more pictures of the view from my school cuz it’s kind of awesome. What you can’t see in this picture is the Olympic mountain range… there was a blanket of clouds at the bottom so only the snow covered peaks were showing. Sometimes I feel so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest. Have a great weekend ya’ll now that I’m awake it’s time to crack open the books again 🙂 and wait for the snow storm to hit.image
Now you can see the mountains


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