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Finally over ????

I think I’m finally back to normal……I hope I’m finally back to normal. After a week down and almost a total blank in my mind I feel like me!!! I am so thankful that I don’t often get sick but when I do……when I was younger my mom always said, “I hate it when you get sick. You always get the worst strain of whatever is going around and get some sort of mystery something to boot.” So now all that’s left is catching up on the week worth of school work that I missed and getting the house 100% disinfected and then hopefully……….all will be well.


Down with the sickness

Yup you read right. Mommy has become a hostage of the stomach yuck that got ahold of my Gobby Goo. I can only hope it goes by as quickly for me as it did for little man cuz THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Tough Choices

In every persons life there comes a time when you have to make some hard decisions, what you do and how you do it is up to you just like how you choose to go through the decision making process. The beginnings of the process I’m in now played out like a bad teen movie….most of which ended up on Facebook (shock and surprise right) but in the end when one person went off and got so drunk they ended up sleeping with their head on the toilet, the other one pressed on and thought long and hard about whats looming on the horizion. There are going to be some really hard decisions to be made I for one won’t be giving any play by plays or details on the book of the face as I do still believe in privacy especally when it comes to private matters. I sincerly hope everyone has had a better week and weekend than I have. I wouldn’t wish this week on my worst enemy.


This has been one roller coaster long week. So far this week I have taken my children to see their doctor. 4 times and been to the ER twice. First I was told it was mono, then strep, then a virus, then strep again… diagnosis. They don’t know it is but it’s contagious, looks like strep and acts like mono and wouldn’t you know it I’m the lucky mom whos children got it. So now I’m going to read the two chapters of psych I’m down, do my test and read the Hunger Games.

Playin hookie

I am an advocate of education and learning however I am taking a skip day tomorrow. It’s not really a skip day as much as a saying home with kids and making sure they are ok day. So here’s the skinny… daughter has been sick, sick enough that last week she had a strep test done. Friday she was doing pretty good so she went to school then yesterday the bottom fell out so to speak. Her throat got swollen, she started running a fever and had a stuffy nose. This morning I checked her and her temp was almost 102!!! So I took her back to the Doctor where she got another strep test and a mono test……both negative. The doctor said shes got red pus filled sores in the back of her throat and chocked it up to a virus that looks like mono. On our way back to the exam room my little Steve Steve cut his head open on the reception desk. Good thing we were already at the doctors office right? So now all 3 of the ones at home are caught up on shots, one has a(nother) head injury and my baby girl is super sick. If that doesn’t warrent one day of Mommy staying home I don’t know what does.


In an attempt to get myself back familiar with being a student I have let many things fall by the wayside including this blog. For that I di apologize and I will make an effort to post something at least once a week. So for the quick catch up run down……..I’m currently retaining a B+ average in college with 12 credits for this semester. In the last week I have, changed my course of study from RN to Medical Assistant (I was going to have to wait until next year to even apply for the nursing program), I have finally driven my 4 year old sons electric power wheel and had a blast and I got my belated but beloved Christmas present ( a Kindle Fire – from which I’m typing this today). As with everything there have been ups and downs but I’m keeping on and going strong. Enjoy your week 🙂