Playin hookie

I am an advocate of education and learning however I am taking a skip day tomorrow. It’s not really a skip day as much as a saying home with kids and making sure they are ok day. So here’s the skinny… daughter has been sick, sick enough that last week she had a strep test done. Friday she was doing pretty good so she went to school then yesterday the bottom fell out so to speak. Her throat got swollen, she started running a fever and had a stuffy nose. This morning I checked her and her temp was almost 102!!! So I took her back to the Doctor where she got another strep test and a mono test……both negative. The doctor said shes got red pus filled sores in the back of her throat and chocked it up to a virus that looks like mono. On our way back to the exam room my little Steve Steve cut his head open on the reception desk. Good thing we were already at the doctors office right? So now all 3 of the ones at home are caught up on shots, one has a(nother) head injury and my baby girl is super sick. If that doesn’t warrent one day of Mommy staying home I don’t know what does.


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