Taking time to make time

How often do you take time out of your day to tell the ones closest to you that you love them or to let them know how important they are to you? How often do you make time to take time for this seemingly little thing. How often do others do the same for you? I am a firm believer that by doing unto others as you would have them do unto you you get what you give. For example if you give out negative comments all day long to those around you and walk around all huffy puffy high and mighty people are going to avoid you like the plauge and keep you at a distance if however you show care and compassion to those around you praising their good works and helping them out with the not so good you forge a relationship built on love and respect. All to often we as people ignore the good (and the little things like the bear hug with the just because I love yous or the flowers) but we very easily focus on the negative (you didn’t do this right or you didn’t do that right and the eye rolling, picking a fight or arguement over every little thing) it’s time out for all that. That close friend you just got mad at cuz she got a winning lottery ticket could step off the sidewalk and get hit by a car and where will you be? Sitting around with a heart full of guilt because you didnt say hey friend I’m glad you are in my life. Let’s all make a habit of showing more love. When we do we will see the world as we know it is a much happier place.


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