Are we done yet?

I know it’s Wednesday, Hump day, the middle of the week but this so far has been seriously on hell of a week!!! Sunday night my daughter got a mild concussion, today my husband got one as well. Not nearly as mild as my daughters. I have been late for just about everything, I have a tire that has developed some major problem with air. I’m outta vim, I’m outta vigor and all I want to do is sleep the rest of this week away. Ah yes, I almost forgot I was 15 minutes late to a test on Monday ( I couldnt find my pencils any of them so I had to go all the way back down to my car and get one from there )and then I found out yesterday I bearly passed the test and it’s one I really studied for. I ask can we just offically make today the end of the week or push a rewind button and start the week over? *sigh* sucking it up and driving on. Until next time I hope all is better for you and yours than me and mine.


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