The chairs…pt. 2


So my sis and I were finally able to really take a good look at the chairs. The final verdict you ask??? This is probably a job better left for a professional or at least some one more skilled than the two of us. I believe I will take my sisters advice and the next stretch of nice weather I will take them outside strip off all 3 (yes 3) layers of progressively horrible upholstery and let the wood breathe and dry out. Once we get down to the bones we may decide that we can indeed do this ourselves ( which would thrill me beyond words) if not well…….they will still get the love and attention they require. Will post more as we go along πŸ™‚
p.s. we’ve determined the bottom layer of upholstery to be from the 50’s but its in horrible shape which is kind of sad because it’s by far the nicest looking of the 3 layers.


3 thoughts on “The chairs…pt. 2

    • I have to wait until the next bit of good weather, there’s no pint taking them outside to strip them if they’re just going to get rained on and I’m NOT doing it on the house. If you have the time when it rolls around then come on down πŸ™‚ you can do one and I can do the other. #Team work!!!

      • Sounds like a plan. Just give me a call when you’re thinking about gearing up so that I can check my schedule. πŸ™‚

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