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Finding a groove

As many of you know in addition to being a taxi service, cook, cheif, mediator, ATM, answering service, and confidant (to name a few of my hats). I’m also a full time student. This quarter finds me plunging into strange waters. In addition to cramming my head full of medical language I’m also taking all of my classes online. I like the conveinance of online classes especally with my crazy households schedule but I miss the face to face interaction. So right now I find myself trying to find a groove to get my studying done and so far I have been wildly unsucessful. If anyone has suggestions please shoot em my way and please bear in mind I don’t always have people available to watch my kiddos so most of the time to the younger onrs at least I look to be available for normal mommy duty. Happy Friday all!


One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up the sun is shining and you think ok cool today is going to rock! Then it doesn’t. It turns into the type of day that sucks so bad you wouldn’t wish it on you worst enemy. That was my day today so instead of being down in the dumps about it I simply walked out to the garden and pulled just about all the weeds out of the ground. Somewhere around the 59th weed I forgot why I was so upset and just got into pulling the weeds. There is a nice level of calm that just washes over a person when you realize done is done, tomorrow is a new day so just let it go. Let it all go and see if the next day isn’t better at least that’s my plan but now it’s time for medical terminology and anatomy.

It’s not going to do it itself pt. 1 (cont.)



Sorry for such a late night/early morning post but here it is. Due to our wonderfully crappy Pacific Northwest weather I didn’t take up the carpet until today. Not nearly finished with what I have planned to do I’m very happy with the progress that was made today by myself and my handy helper (pictured). There will be plenty more to come as this project continues but Ithought it would be nice to give a quick update. Good night to all and to all a good night.

Color blind

The world is full of people who are obsessed with color. I just don’t get it. I am African American, black, negro whowever you (carefully and pc) choose to label it. My husband is caucasian, white (however you carefully and pc choose to label it). Our children are… But really couldn’t it be argued that we are all multi racial? Is there truely a “pure” race of any kind left on this earth but really does it matter? If so why? Let’s break this down into easy terms shall we. Racisim is saying I don’t like you because your color isn’t similar to mine. So let’s say your best friend looks white but that persons birth certificate lists them as black is that person going to stop being your friend? Come on folks let’s stop being petty and superfical.

Life is not one great big soap opera and the world is not a giant elementary school. True equality starts at home. Teach your children all people were created equal and to be color blind. Like or dislike a person based on your personal interaction with THAT person, not because they look different, talk different or walk different. In so doing lets see how much better the world is for future generations.

It’s not going to do it itself pt. 2


Today I’m tackling the screens. We have lived in this house for almost a year and a half, in that time I think I have cleaned the screens once. I mean really who REALLY thinks about their screens? As long as they are doing their job not much thought goes into them (you know I’m right it’s ok to admit it). Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see through them also and at my house today is the lucky day. The two I have already done look wonderful. Next on todays list is the garden.


The last month and a half has been very hard for us. We’ve lost one source of income and are just bearly making ends meet. I’ve been looking for work while attending school and taking care of taxi duty and busy kids. It’s a hard go of it but it is what it is. In the midst of all this I still manage to smile but really I want to crawl into a hole and come back out when the storm is totally past.

Anyhow,  someone told me once a mom is the theramastat of the home.  Everyone feeds off of her emotions good or bad. I see now how true of a statement that is. My kids can’t seem to do anything these days but fight. It’s so annoying and depressing. Sooooo……..I’ve decided to take a stand, if I can fake a smile I can truely smile,  if I don’t have much to offer I will still offer it with such grace and flourish it will be fit for kings and queens. If I can reassure my children everything will be alright then I will make everything alright and in all of that life lessons will be learned for both the young and old of our home.

Saying Goodbye

Today was a bitter sweet day for me as a parent….my oldest is now offically a sophmore in high school, my little girl will be in the 6th grade, my standing comedian will be starting kindergarden *sigh* that just leaves one at home for me to love on and spoil during the day. It’s great that my children are advancing and doing so well but at the same time it means they are getting older and embracing more independance – yeah, it’s kind of a mixed bag. We 100 for sure are NOT adding to our brood but every once in awhile I wish I could turn back the hands of time, even just even for a few moments so I could love on them a little more when they were little. Wishful thinking but there it is. I’m very proud of the people my not so little ones are becoming and I’m very greatful that I was choosen to be in their lives. But anyway…..enough of the mushy. I hope you all have an amazing weekend 🙂