Pet Peeves

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am normally a very positive upbeat person but there are just some things that annoy the crap out of me for instance:

A person who pulls out in front of you at break neck speed and then drives under the speed limit for the next 1/4 mile *gggrrrrr* (happened earlier today)

Getting something new, you set it up following the directions and it doesn’t work!! *ggggrrrrrr* (current situation)

You tell your children what feels like 1,000 times to knock it off but they continue doing whatever as if you haven’t spoken a word (another current situation)

Voice activated calls when really you really need a real person not some computer that doesn’t understand what you’re saying and transfers you to a real person anyway *gggggggrrrrrrrr*

People who drive 55 miles an hour in the fast lane

People who clearly aren’t carpools driving in the carpool lane during rush hour traffic *I hate that*

Spandex that crap wasn’t made for anyone to wear in public so why go there fat, skinny, in between or just right YUCK!!!

Actors who can’t act but still get paid more money than most of us well see in our lifetime to look good while there are other much more deserving people in this world who would actually do a good job

People who aren’t disabled or with a disabled person parking in disabled parking – it’s there for a reason peps and you’re not it!

And I think that just about covers it.

Actually I forgot one: The cream of the crop – People who turn in front of you without using a turn signal!!!! Why yes, I knew you were going to turn into that drive way right in front of  me that’s why I almost rear ended you. News flash Turn signals come standard not optional for a reason!!!!


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