The last month and a half has been very hard for us. We’ve lost one source of income and are just bearly making ends meet. I’ve been looking for work while attending school and taking care of taxi duty and busy kids. It’s a hard go of it but it is what it is. In the midst of all this I still manage to smile but really I want to crawl into a hole and come back out when the storm is totally past.

Anyhow,  someone told me once a mom is the theramastat of the home.  Everyone feeds off of her emotions good or bad. I see now how true of a statement that is. My kids can’t seem to do anything these days but fight. It’s so annoying and depressing. Sooooo……..I’ve decided to take a stand, if I can fake a smile I can truely smile,  if I don’t have much to offer I will still offer it with such grace and flourish it will be fit for kings and queens. If I can reassure my children everything will be alright then I will make everything alright and in all of that life lessons will be learned for both the young and old of our home.


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