Random acts

We’ve heard it before…..”practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Yesterday I was able to witness an act first hand. We had people over for dinner ( not really a big deal – I always cook like I’m feeding an army) the meal was just kind of thrown together but good none the less. Anyhow after dinner I took a moment to relax and veg infront of the TV. While I was doing that one of the dinner guests went into the kitchen and started washing dishes. Then my daughter went in and cleaned the counters, then my 5 year old son cleared the table, wiped it down and “mopped” the floor in the kitchen. By the time I went back into my kitchen last night everything was gleaming and I was moved to tears. These,are things that normally I do by myself but to have people do these things for me touched me on a very deep level. I hope that all of you are blessed with a random act of kindness today


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