Where are the superheros?

Here’s the thing……I have a wonderfully intelligent 5 year old that will be starting school in September. He can count up to 14 by himself (so getting to 20 or 30 shouldn’t be a problem), he’s learning to write his A,B,C s but when it comes to reciting those A,B,C s nothing. I get a very frustrated little guy who starts to cry because he can’t seem to retain his letters. So my thought is……instead of offering children boring and blase flash cards or books to help with memorization fun why not cater to children? Where are the flash cards with superheros or Nick Jr or Disney Jr characters? Teachers can only do so much and I’m pretty sure when it comes to most kids their memorization skills would improve if they could relate what they are memorizing what they are learning to what they watch. Soooo…..if any of you parents out there know of where I can find flash cards or preschool books with letters and numbers in them that also have Avangers or Justice League that would be wonderful information to have. I know some may say make them yourself however I’m not THAT creative of a person and wouldn’t even know where to begin something like that. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!! 🙂


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