Ho hum

Today is another one of those ho hum days. The sun is shining it’s warm and beautiful outside but I’ve been stuck in the house all day. Not that I’ve been unproductive but we so rarely get nice weather in Washington that when it does make an appearance it’s nice to go out and enjoy it. Earlier in the day I had made plans to hang out with my sis (as is home – she’s also on wordpress check her out great stuff going on over there) but seeing as one of my little ones has been running a fever and feeling crummy it’s safer to just stick to inside the house besides there is oh so much homework to do *sigh* but really who wants to do homework or housework when it’s a great day? So here I sit writing a blog post instead of continuing with my studies. For those judgmental types I have done almost all of my homework for the week for all 3 classes now it’s just time for all the review type stuff. Dinner is in the crock pot and smells oh so good, my little one who isn’t feeling well is watching tv and resting, my other little one is being well 2 (LOL) and so another day in my life is coming to an end. I know there will be other sunny days, days where my entire crew is feeling well and we can go play in the sun I just wish in my heart of hearts that today was that day. Until tomorrow be well 🙂


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