New addictions

Everyone has them,the things you feel you just can’t live without. I’ve got quite a few actually that kind of on a rotating list but I have recently added a few new items that I thought I would share.
1) My daughter and I decided a few months ago to try a new granola, each month we try a new flavor to see which ones we like the best and this months pick was blueberry with flax. I am amazingly addicted to this stuff. In two days I’ve eaten half the carton!!!! Great stuff! (The brand is Sweet Home Farm – they offer Maple Pecan, Wild Blueberry, French Vanilla, and low fat with rasins at least that’s all I’ve seen at my local store)
2) Vanilla bean yogurt. Goes great with the granola or as a stand alone (I’ve been eating Tillamook – again amazingly awesome)
And last but not least dryer bars. I’ve seen the commericals but didn’t belive the hype but then decided to try one and man, I LOVE that thing!!!!
If any of you have amazing products you’d like to share please do so 🙂


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