A Very Happy Anniversary

This Wednesday marked a milestone for my husband and myself. We celebrated 12 years of marriage, for those who know us they will tell you that’s kind of a major fete.

Most didn’t even think we’d make it 5 years. Once we passed 5 they said surely they won’t make it to 10 but now we’re at 12 and still hanging on. I can honestly say in the beginning we weren’t really in love but after 12 years and all the ups and downs we’ve had we can’t help but love each other. Not teenage love but the kind of deep love that only comes with time and maturity.

We’ve by no means had a fairy tale romance in fact we are doing things quite backwards. The early years of our marriage that should have been blissful were pure hell. The years that should be showing friction and wear and tear are bonding us closer together.

We’ve made it a point in recent years to spend our anniversary together just the two of us with no kids 🙂 It’s a nice break from reality and gives us some time to enjoy each other and act like teenagers. After 12 years I kind of like the guy and think I may possibly keep him around for another 12 or more 🙂


(My favorite Bama boy)


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