Just out of reach

I have a feeling lately that something great is going to happen. I have no idea what or when, nor why for that matter – it’s just this feeling I have.

So much bad, distressing and frustrating has happened it would be nice to have the wonderfully unexpected for a change. I know at some point it will happen, I can feel it but it’s just out of reach.

Maybe if I dream a little harder, study a little more, play a little less, or focus more on acting my age whatever is lurking will rush into my arms……….or maybe if I chase more rainbows, look for more four leaf clovers and make all my wishes on pennies something breathtaking will happen.

Whatever the circumstance, I’m ready. I’m ready for a positive change, I’m ready for something amazing to overtake my family so we can move on to a much happier phase. This crap storm has lasted long enough.

As a preemptive strike – crap storms and circumstances are not always self inflicted. Sometimes people just the raw end of the deal but still try to make the best of it. Personally I’m tried of doing both and am asking the rainbow to be still so I can collect my pot o’gold.


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