Ch ch ch changes

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post my intentions were to post but my life has been moving at light speed and I feel as if I’m just standing in the way.

Anyhow…I’m a couple of weeks away from the end of my summer break and my school aged kids are just days away from theirs. Our daughter found out she’s been accepted into her first choice middle school and our kindergartner has been placed in the all day program.

With these changes I find I will need to pull out the “Mom’s Taxi” sign and paste it with pride on my van. This fall will bring girl’s cross country meets and football games not to mention that I’ve signed up to volunteer at the schools and joined the PTA. With only one child not in school it frees up quite a bit of time for me.

Also – while looking on Craigslist the other day I came across a posting for a thrift store that was going out of business. Three carts later my daughter had scored 16 pairs of designer jeans for school. The 6 pairs that I had bought her days before were promptly returned to the mall.

Even though there is currently super crappy background music playing I’m choosing to continue to smile and trying to find the silver lining even in the darker clouds.

Until next time smile often, laugh at least on fully belly laugh a day and be well šŸ™‚


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