Security is a funny thing. When you feel secure in your little world it’s as if nothing can touch or hurt you but the minute that feeling of security is rattled it makes you almost paranoid. If there is a test of your security it makes you really think about what’s going on around you until you again feel like you are standing on level ground. What’s a real eye opener is when there is a test of security and the person that you depend on to help make you feel secure fails to respond. It’s one of those things that makes you go why am I with this person?!

I understand that sometimes a persons job makes it so they aren’t able to be there but you still have that understanding that if something happens they will move hell or high water to make it to you just as soon as they can- when there is little or no response it’s very unsettling. It makes you wonder what is this person up to that is more important than home?

I’m glad these tests don’t happen often and I’m glad to know that there are people around that I can depend upon but I’m also thinking now that maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much to have just a little added protection around just in case……I think a can of wasp spray or mace would do the trick nicely along with (yet another) metal baseball bat (for some reason my metal bats seem to disappear). When it comes to making sure my children feel safe and secure at home I’m willing to go the extra mile – I guess that’s just the Momma Bear in me 🙂

Hopefully everyone is feeling safe and secure today.


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