No sick days

I am a stay at home mom which means when I get sick the world as my crew knows it ceases to revolve. Nothing gets done, no one can find anything, and I don’t get any rest. That’s pretty much been the case this week. Monday I was fine, Tuesday I was in horrible shape. I was wearing a winter coat in 70 degree weather, I had on my thickest pajama pants and a hoody and I was still freezing. My legs hurt so bad I couldn’t stand and all I wanted to do was sleep. Luckily my husband took pity on me and at 8:30 I was out like a light. Granted the house wasn’t perfect but it was a sight better to what I woke up to Wednesday morning. My two youngest boys had drug the laundry out into the hallway, the youngest had dumped two bags of popcorn on the floor, there was food all over the place and home was totally unrecognizable. So as my daughter got ready for school I cleaned up. I still wasn’t 100% but I was well enough to get my house cleaned up before someone fell and broke their head. The fever is gone and for the most part so is the stuffy nose but I’ve got this chest hurting cough that comes and goes. Although I’m not moving about at the speed of light I can tell that had the majority of my illness lasted more than a day this household would of been screwed.


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