Hairs the thing

I HATE hair! Really I do. I don’t like all the maintence, the cost and especally not the hassle. What makes me hate hair even more on is on a daily basis I deal with 3 sometimes 4 different types. Annoying!!!

Currently the issue I have with mine is quite simple. I’ve stopped chemicals on mine. I decided one day all the damage done to my hair in the name of straightness isn’t worth the long term effects so I went cold turkey. Now to maintain straightness I flat iron it once a week. I wash it one day, pull it back in a tight pony tail then flat iron it the next day when it’s dry. I don’t have long hair but it already takes me an hour to get my hair done. It’s annoying but….at the same time I now have this beatiful healthy hair that’s growing. It’s silky and pretty. There is such a difference in it now even my husband has noticed.

I guess it’s worth it but it’s still annoying, it’s still a hassle and I’d still prefer a super short cut (but when I have super short cuts I want longer hair it’s a never ending annoying cycle) so I guess I’ll just keep on letting it grow and keep doing what I’m doing cuz even though I hate hair I like how mine looks and feels right now.


3 thoughts on “Hairs the thing

    • Sorry it’s taken me almost a month to write you back….I feel really bad about that. You’re right I do need to find the right product(s) for my hair in my attempt to go with a straightening routine that is less harsh on my hair. I’m sure if I were to find that “perfect” product it would go miles toward working the miracle I’m looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.

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