Back pain

Friday morning I decided I was going to cook blueberry panckaes, bacon and eggs for my kiddos who were out of school for the day. Half way through cooking the pancakes my lower back started to hurt, not only was my back hurting but also my right leg. By the time I finished the breakfast I was in tears because it hurt to stand. I got in the shower and the pain went away. A few hours later I was standing up talking to my husband and tears started rolling out of my eyes. Never in my 38 years have I been in this much pain. I made it to the doctor who told me I had pinched a nerve in my back.

A bag of meds later I was back at home. I’m no stranger to back pain a few years ago I pulled a muscle in my back and it would spasam so hard I couldn’t stand straight but this is something entirely new. Just plain old back pain I can deal with  but when it begins to affect my walking that’s a bird of a different color. I’m soldiering through this as I do for so many different things but this time I can’t even fake a smile to get me through tomorrow I have to go in for s follow up and if its not better I was told I’d be referred to a specialist. I can tell you this, currently laying in my bed without a muscle relaxer or a pain pill coursing through my system to mask the pain its not any better. *sigh*  I hope you all have had a better, healthier weekend than I have.


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