This week’s lesson

I have learned this week that for all my youthful appearance I am no longer a spring chicken. I’m not old as the hills but I don’t think I’ll be competing in any feats of youth and vigor anytime soon.

The other thing I’ve learned back pain is 100% non discriminatory. It can happen at any time to any one and knock you on your butt for awhile. I never really thought much about what I do in my daily life, its simply what I do everyday but I’ve now come to see I do a lot more than I thought I did. Now with the least little twist or bend the muscles in my lower back will set off a series of spasms that can not be ignored then there is the stiffness and the swelling…..its just all bad.

So I can say I’ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that I no longer need to push myself to extremes. Everything will still get done, maybe not as quickly as I prefer but it will still happen. I’ve also learned that I need to slow down and really take me time. My kids will be ok if I exit stage left for a little bit to get some rest and most importantly its a really good idea to pay attention to the cues your body gives you. These are signals that something isn’t right and changed need to be made.

Hopefully I won’t need physical therapy but I do plan on learning some good back exercises so I can maintain good spinal health. After all it is the part that holds me upright.

Happy Thursday all. Make it a good one!


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