Loving me

For some reason people seem to view self love as a truely horrible thing, as if it’s one of the worst things a person could possibly do or aspire to but I day self love can be a good thing.

It’s nice to take time to yourself to do something that you alone enjoy. Taking time to recharge your personal batteries so you can give maximum output….what’s so wrong with that? This is something that I personally don’t do enough of. Between kids, school and trying to maintain the home I tend to let myself fall into the cracks.

I do love myself on the whole but I’m not in love with myself anymore. There was a time in my life when I was so wrapped up in myself I couldnt focus on or think about anyone else. Then I had a baby and all of that changed. I couldnt focus only on myself because I had someone who needed me more. A few more years and a few more kids later I’m finally getting back to me.

I had gotten to a point where I equated being in love with myself with self love but they aren’t the same. Self love is taking time for yourself -taking moments here and there to do the things that make you happiest. Being in love with yourself is not caring one way or another how others feel and always putting yourself first. It’s a thin line between the two so one must tread lightly.

I love myself which for some is a major feat in itself, but I’m no longer wrapped up in myself……I’ve allowed myself to branch out and spread my love around.


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