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On Family Time

When I was growing up we spent quit a bit of time with family. Some of my best and fondest memories envolve me and my cousins hanging out bring kids, doing stuff that kids do. As time went on marriages ended in divorce, people moved away and people started living seperate lives. We kept in touch by phone, letters, photos in the mail, then email and now social media sites. The only problem with that is even with the social media we’re all still missing out on face time. There have been things that have happened to family members that no one knew about until way past the event, there have been casual mentions of things but very little face time.

These people are family some of my first best friends and I’m watching their lives via media instead of being actively involved. My kids don’t know most of their family. Yeah, they’ve got names to go with faces but they don’t know them. They couldn’t tell you who their favorite cousin is or their fondest memory that involves a family member close to their own age.

Sooooooo……. In light of this and some very scary things that have happened to one of my favorite cousins in the last 2 days I’m taking a stand and I’ve decided if I can spend money taking my kids out to eat I can save money to take my kids to eat with family. Some are in state, some are a few hours away, some are a few days away. All are important and all need to know as much.

I feel as if in the 21st century people have gotten amazingly lazy (I’m just as guilty) everything else is more important and these people that you know and love will still be there when your life slows down. But what if they aren’t or better yet what if you aren’t? If someone is that important to you, MAKE time before its to late.


The Washington I love

This morning I woke up to freezing temps, a light layer of frost (and in some areas ice) and fog. It reminded me of the thing that I love the most about Western Washington. The crisp cold air that cleans the heart and soul when you walk out in the morning, the simple beauty of an almost winter morning, and the wonderful sight of Mt. Rainier towering over it all in his majestic beauty. This is the Washington that I love.

I don’t love freezing half to death unless I’m on a pair of skis about to tackle the side of a mountain but I do love the way this state looks when it puts on it’s winter coat. Much the same as I love the way the city proper looks in the summer with the ferries skating across the water, sun shining (yes believe it or not the sun does shine here from time to time) and the Space Needle in the background.

This is a beautiful city and state which is probably why I miss it so much when I’m gone. There is so much to see and do from hiking in the forest, to climbing mountains then skiing down them in the winter, There’s fishing and hunting (if that’s your thing), indoor sports, outdoor sports, tons of walking or bike riding trails. But best of all and the thing that I love the best… late fall, early winter there is the freshest crispest air…..*aaahhhhh* the Washington that I love.


It happens to everyone at some point in time. You are at point A but need to be at point D so you get impatient and try to figure out how to cut corners. Ok, sometimes not a big deal but when your impatience strikes in a school zone or even better yet on school property it is in no way cool anymore.

I know when I’m in my car I look for other cars waaaayyyy before I look for people and the smaller the person the less likely an adult doing 30 in a 20 is going to be looking for the reason for the school zone signs. Even if they are on the look out for the little ones that dart out of bushes or don’t stop to look both ways before crossing the street what about the other parents who are on the look out and not being inpatient? What about the parents who realize there is only one way into the drop off/ pick up zone and that in order to keep things moving smoothly its ok to let that other parent out of the parking spot.

All of this stems from picking my kids up from school. The high school is a nightmare if I’m there on time so I purposely shoe up 5 minutes late. The middle school is actually civil and orderly but the Elementary school is horrible!!! Just yesterday I watched one parent fly through the parking lot…..with kids trying to find their parents and get in cars. I saw another parent get so angry at the fact that they were waiting in a line of cars that they drove up the wrong side of the road at the top of a hill almost hitting a car that was waiting to turn into the parking lot.

I have one simple request….  Please for the safety of the children obey the traffic laws in school zones. If you have a driver’s license you should know passing on a hill isn’t allowed so why do it? Come on parents set good examples even while driving.

A fall chat

It’s currently the coldest outside it has been do far this year. According to my phone we’ve got 28 degree weather outside which wouldn’t bother me but we have to leave the comforts of our super warm home and meet with teachers.

This isn’t my first set if conferences but it is the first time having confrences at a middle school with a hearing child and the very first time for my kindergartner. I’m a little anxious to see how my kiddos are fairing this year. Given the fact that I get weekly progress reports on my 5 year old I have a pretty good idea how he’s doing.

The mystery is my middle schooler. I’m sure she’s doing well as she is a very bright young lady the problem is she’s homework phobic and conveniently she no longer has her daily planner so I can’t MAKE her do homework because I no longer have proof she has any. Hopefully with the help of conferences today we’ll get the planner returned.

I’m also hoping that we’ll warm up quite a bit. 28 is a bit chilly even for me but hey at least I get to wear one of my new sweaters 🙂

I hope everyone has a pleasant Thursday.

On writing

So….here’s the thing. Anyone can write but not everyone can write well. Some people write horribly and get published while others write beautifully and don’t. Some people write from the soul, others from the heart and yet others from inspiration. No matter the motivation people write to express themselves.

Writing can be a personal experience or it can be a pain in the butt (college papers come to mind) but again its putting your two cents on paper or in a word processor to get it out there.

Personally I love to write, I do it for school, I do it for fun, I do it to clear my head and express what’s in my soul. Will things I write ever be publushed? Doubtful. Does it matter? Not really. I write for me sometime I share but most of the time I don’t. I’ve tried to write a book but it begain to feel forced and the joy of the process left me so its unfinished. It’s a great story idea and would make for an execellent read I think but then what do I know besides my own biased opinion 🙂

I think may e that’s why I like blogging so much, I get to write what I’m thinking or feeling, I express myself and others respond (so far all positively thank goodness). By no means am I a great writer, I wouldn’t even venture to say I’m good but I’m doing it and it brings me joy. When the joy leave my blog will end until then thank you all for reading what I write and sharing what you do.


Some time ago I did a post titled Hairs The Thing. I have given up on my pursuit of totally heat styled hair, I gave in and straightned my hair again.

Im not saying its a total loss as I do plan on trying again to get away from using chemicals in my hair but right now is not the time and this wet climate is not the right place. On warm days when it didn’t rain my hair would stay straight and look wonderful but the first drop of rain to hit my head would undo all of my work. As most people know I live in one of the wettest places in North America which isn’t conducive to most attempts at anything that involves a lack of moisture.

On the up side this gives me time to find out exactly what I need to do to make my next attempt a go in the meantime I plan on spotting my longer locks in some cute styles 🙂