A fall chat

It’s currently the coldest outside it has been do far this year. According to my phone we’ve got 28 degree weather outside which wouldn’t bother me but we have to leave the comforts of our super warm home and meet with teachers.

This isn’t my first set if conferences but it is the first time having confrences at a middle school with a hearing child and the very first time for my kindergartner. I’m a little anxious to see how my kiddos are fairing this year. Given the fact that I get weekly progress reports on my 5 year old I have a pretty good idea how he’s doing.

The mystery is my middle schooler. I’m sure she’s doing well as she is a very bright young lady the problem is she’s homework phobic and conveniently she no longer has her daily planner so I can’t MAKE her do homework because I no longer have proof she has any. Hopefully with the help of conferences today we’ll get the planner returned.

I’m also hoping that we’ll warm up quite a bit. 28 is a bit chilly even for me but hey at least I get to wear one of my new sweaters 🙂

I hope everyone has a pleasant Thursday.


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