It happens to everyone at some point in time. You are at point A but need to be at point D so you get impatient and try to figure out how to cut corners. Ok, sometimes not a big deal but when your impatience strikes in a school zone or even better yet on school property it is in no way cool anymore.

I know when I’m in my car I look for other cars waaaayyyy before I look for people and the smaller the person the less likely an adult doing 30 in a 20 is going to be looking for the reason for the school zone signs. Even if they are on the look out for the little ones that dart out of bushes or don’t stop to look both ways before crossing the street what about the other parents who are on the look out and not being inpatient? What about the parents who realize there is only one way into the drop off/ pick up zone and that in order to keep things moving smoothly its ok to let that other parent out of the parking spot.

All of this stems from picking my kids up from school. The high school is a nightmare if I’m there on time so I purposely shoe up 5 minutes late. The middle school is actually civil and orderly but the Elementary school is horrible!!! Just yesterday I watched one parent fly through the parking lot…..with kids trying to find their parents and get in cars. I saw another parent get so angry at the fact that they were waiting in a line of cars that they drove up the wrong side of the road at the top of a hill almost hitting a car that was waiting to turn into the parking lot.

I have one simple request….  Please for the safety of the children obey the traffic laws in school zones. If you have a driver’s license you should know passing on a hill isn’t allowed so why do it? Come on parents set good examples even while driving.


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