On Family Time

When I was growing up we spent quit a bit of time with family. Some of my best and fondest memories envolve me and my cousins hanging out bring kids, doing stuff that kids do. As time went on marriages ended in divorce, people moved away and people started living seperate lives. We kept in touch by phone, letters, photos in the mail, then email and now social media sites. The only problem with that is even with the social media we’re all still missing out on face time. There have been things that have happened to family members that no one knew about until way past the event, there have been casual mentions of things but very little face time.

These people are family some of my first best friends and I’m watching their lives via media instead of being actively involved. My kids don’t know most of their family. Yeah, they’ve got names to go with faces but they don’t know them. They couldn’t tell you who their favorite cousin is or their fondest memory that involves a family member close to their own age.

Sooooooo……. In light of this and some very scary things that have happened to one of my favorite cousins in the last 2 days I’m taking a stand and I’ve decided if I can spend money taking my kids out to eat I can save money to take my kids to eat with family. Some are in state, some are a few hours away, some are a few days away. All are important and all need to know as much.

I feel as if in the 21st century people have gotten amazingly lazy (I’m just as guilty) everything else is more important and these people that you know and love will still be there when your life slows down. But what if they aren’t or better yet what if you aren’t? If someone is that important to you, MAKE time before its to late.


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