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As to be expected with large scale tragedies as the events of yesterday people all over the country and the world are using this time to voice their opinion. I am trying very hard to refrain from putting my two cents in but have instead decided to look inward.

Life gets hectic, juggling multiple schedules, doing the things that are important to your family and survival -for most somewhere in that equation some things begin to slip. We get so busy over here that we loose sight of what’s going on over there. I think that for my family its time to put our focus back on what’s going on right here.

Yesterday with the killing of all those young children and the stabbing of others and then again this morning the shooting in the hospital in Birmingham, AL I think its time to hold my children a little closer, for a little longer.

It’s been long said take care what you do today for tomorrow isn’t promised to you…..we as people tend to sit in this little bubble and shake our heads in disbelief or shed a few tears upon hearing of a tragedy but at the same time we’re thinking it was over there not here so we’re still safe. No!!! No one is safe from death, its a part of life. It’s horrible when it happens to those so young for any reason and it grieves my heart to even think what those families must be going through which is why I say take the time while you have it to turn off the tv, the phone, the computer and really spend time with those around you…..your loved ones. Anything can happen at anytime and then it will be to late to take back those last words said in anger, or to do all those things you were planning but never made time for. Now more than ever is the time to let those you love know that they ARE more important than your job, your tv shows, your games on the computer or game console hold your babies tight and start memories.


Quiet appreciation


Today I find myself thinking of my Grandmother. She’s a wonderful lady who has lived a full life by watching her and following what she did I have learned a lot. I’ve learned about God, how to cook and family history to name a few things. These days Gram isn’t as strong as she once was and her memory isn’t as good as it use to be either, as sad as it is I’m glad to have her in my life and in my heart for without Gram we wouldn’t be here.

Some days are like that


I find that ruptures can express the things that words fail to do. This one taken yesterday did a perfect job of capturing my mood of the day…..sunny outlook with an overlay of dark clouds. Some days are just like that the thing is to not get so wrapped up on focusing on the dark clouds that you forget there’s a sunny outlook. The sun is ALWAYS shinning above the clouds (unless its night time) just remember that. For me personally its been a rough couple of weeks, bad or sad news on all sides not to mention my own personal problems but I’m trying really hard to nit let these things get me down. Life goes on….maybe a little differently than it did 20 seconds ago or even yesterday or last week but it keeps going. In these times adjust your course don’t loose sight of the sun and make your way through the dark cloud overlay in the end I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.