Return to rules

2 weeks off from school is just enough time to really mess up a schedule. Granted my home is on one of the craziest schedules ever with the hubby being a tow truck driver but yet and still that doesn’t mean the kids need to be all outta whack…..or does it?

Our oldest is a morning person and an early bird to boot, our daughter is a night owl, our 5 yr old is a chronic sleep fighter…has been the whole 5 years he’s been alive and the 3 yr old is also a morning person. I’m a morning person and Dad – he’s a night owl.  Just that right there should give you some idea to how messed up sleep cycles can get here.

Now here’s what’s going on lately…..I wake up the sleep fighter, keep him awake and engaged in things all day thinking he will sleep all night…..NOPE!!! 3 to 4 hours later he’s up and ready for action. Same with the 3 year old. So a 9 pm bed time has turned into a nap time which results in both of them being wide awake until 5 or later in the morning. All the while mom is going with out sleep trying to make sure the Brothers Dare don’t end up dead.

Being a stickler for rules and having a firm belief that one reeps what they sow I tend to still make my children go to school but now Dad is fighting me on thus point. He says we can’t send the kids to school tired. I say we can’t keep them out just because they have crazy internal schedules so today I’m trying a compromise…..the kids are home now after trying and failing at getting them to wake up but in a few short hours they WILL wake up and they WILL go to school. They WILL NOT take naps after school and they WILL again learn to follow moms very simple sleep for school rules. Go to bed when I tell you too and you will live a longer life 🙂


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