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Another great day


Today some celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, some celebrate Easter, others just use it as a reason to get together, catch up and hang out. Whatever your choice on this Sunday I hope it was a wonderful sunny day for you filled with all the things that make you happy.


What a day

Today was a good day filled with good times, laughter, a new insult to use on people…..(ever heard someone say another person smells like a dirty crocodile butt?), some Sun, some heavy rain, lightening and thunder that shook my windshield.

The best part though was this


I think spring has found its way to Western Washington. Good night all.

Lazy day

I didn’t plan on today being a lazy day infact I was full of plans for the day and then the sun came out……


So now taking a hint from our puppy I’m lounging in front of a window typing this post. Today hasn’t been a total waste I did vacuum my bedroom floor, made waffles for the kiddos, cleaned the kitchen and FINALLY got the rest of the books on the bookshelf but the lure of natural bright light and the warmth that is being radiated from the window is sucking the very energy out of me (as are the two encounters I’ve had with the floor today) so I’m officially deeming at least the next two hours lazy time for me then I’ll get back to my grind.

Happy (lazy) Saturday everyone 🙂

Time for reevaluation

As some of you know I have spent the last year of my life studying to be a Medical Assistant. I started off this journey in my education by registering for nursing but then because I didn’t get in one vital class (biology) my first quarter I decided to go into M.A. instead. Yesterday marked the end of my first clinicals class and as I sat at the table doing my written final I thought, “This isn’t what I want to do with my life.” So today I went to the college and changed back to the nursing program.

This time however instead of getting an AA for my RN I signed up for a transfer program so I will be taking all of my university nursing prerequisites at the community college I’m at now. When this stage is over I will graduate with an AAS with credits that transfer to University and will put me in as a junior so in roughly 2 1/2 years I will be finished with nursing programs and have a BSN. (I say 2 1/2 years because with all the credits I have from my previous degree I really only have the sciences to take)

I’m so excited to start this stage of my journey and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

Happy first day of Spring

Happy first day of Spring everyone! I would love to post beautiful pictures of great weather but I live in Western Washington where we are having


I hope others are having a prettier first day of Spring.

P.S. the weather that is in the picture that is above just turned into this in the time it took for me to tag this post (I promise I didn’t run outside and spray the window with a garden hose)


The last first haircut



Over the weekend my beloved 3 year old got his first hair cut. I wasn’t exactly excited about it and had put it off as long as I possibly could but it had gotten to a point where his golden locks had to go. He wouldn’t let me take care of his hair the way it needed to be cared for in order for it to remain healthy and trying to comb and brush it started turning into a battle for the ages soooooo……I opened the doors to salon mommy and he was the second client. He did amazingly well considering it was his first visit but I didn’t fair so well. I haven’t cried but every time I look at him it makes me sad. I miss his baby curls….I know it will grow back but if he’s anything like his older brothers it will never be as long or curly again.