When I was younger our family would load up for a weekend getaway to this great little place called Marblemount, WA. This romp took place in January and was usually met with some sort of adventure just getting there.

The highlight of the trip for our parents was watching the Bald Eagles that nest there in the early part of the year. The highlight of the trip for me was the super cute little cabin we would stay in and the adorable little chapel that was across the road. Oh yeah and the snow!!!

Now that I’m older I wish I had paid just a tiny bit more attention to the birds. I paid enough to get a working knowledge but not so much that I can make informative statements on the subject of our nations symbol.

Lately I’ve been noticing these majestic wonders have have soaring around the area I live in. I’m not sure if its because we live fairly close to a Puget Sound inlet or what but they still fill me with wonder and awe. When given the chance I stop what I’m doing and just watch them soar, its a sight that is wonderful to behold from the purely brown immature bald birdy to the simply amazing full grown it always fills me with hope, pride and a sense of wonder.

The joy that I feel when seeing them hasn’t spread to my children so I’m thinking maybe next January we will make an adventerous romp of our own and then they can be filled with memories of cabins, chapels and a little bit of bald birdy of their own.


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