The beauty of it


(Not the greatest picture but you get the idea) There are some wonderful things about living in Western Washington one of them is the view of Mt. Rainier on a clear day (and sometimes even on a cloudy one). In times past while driving I’ve used the mountain to help me gauge direction as wells as approximate location (which I’m pretty sure is a natural thing for anyone who has lived here any length of time). Mostly though I just gaze at My. Rainier in wonder and awe. He’s this wonderful, majestic Mountain that holds the power of death and destruction encased in beauty. Kind of hard not to be in awe of that isn’t? I’ve lived in Western Washington most of my life, I was born here, went to school here and even though I leave I always come back here. In all those years I have developed what I consider my favorite view of My. Rainier. Wanna know where it is? South bound I-5 coming out of downtown Seattle by the exit for Boeing Access Road and MLK. There is a PERFECT unobstructed view right in there that I love. I don’t have much need to go into downtown these days but when I do if south 5 is moving that’s the way I go on clear days just for that view. What views in your life do you love and go out of your way for?


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