A fork in the road?

We’ve come to a fork in the road, which direction do we go? We can see the positives on both sides as well as the negatives and there’s not one single thing that seems to tip the scale in one direction or the other so what do we do at a time like this? Do we turn to friends or family to weight in with their input? Do we just carry on like we aren’t staring at this giant fork in front of us?

Here’s what we did….. We weighted, weighted and reweighed the decisions before us and went for the one that seemed the best for where we are now as a man, as a woman, as husband, wife, mom, dad, son and daughter. We looked at the things that were behind us and the road that we traveled that got us to this point we weighted THOSE decisions and made up our minds not to travel that same path. We decided to look at the other forks we’d come to and the choices right or wrong that we made from them and decided not to repeat our pasts.

The road we’ve chosen is from personal choice and from prior experience. Can I say we’ve made the right choice? Nope. Can I say we’ll know soon? Can’t say that either. What I can say is I’m excited to see where this new path leads and what will await us down the road. I know there will be other forks and I know none of the decisions that are made at those junctures are easy but I do know as long as we work together good or bad we’ll make it work and learn from the path we choose to take.



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