Pieces of heart

Life comes with tough decisions. Most of the time the decisions I make are emotional as well as logical. I’m one of those people who likes to think of just about every possible outcome before I decide to do something especially if its going to impact or affect other people.

Recently there was a logical decision that was made that pretty much ripped my heart apart. Do something for the good of one or do a different thing for the good of the group. These are the single worst decisions to make, they hurt all the way through to the core because no matter what is decided it feels like you’re letting someone down and then for me I had to weigh if the whole thing was really worth whatever potential hurt it could or would cause. These things have been weighing heavily on me and causing me some emotional constipation.

I wonder if the decision made was made at the right time, I wonder how things would of played out if other choices were made but ultimately I know that what was done and when was right it just hurts to walk away. Heart pain is the worst pain, it takes time to get over and it’s not just a matter of”snapping out of it” its a matter of healing, picking up the pieces or mending the hurt caused.

I’m beginning my healing process and hoping that it goes smoothly. I hope that my heart doesn’t ache forever and that the pain will go away. I hope that with time there will be understanding, with understanding acceptance, and with acceptance a new beginning.



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