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The saying goes….


The joys of parenthood are without measure. Normally I would agree but this week has been one of stress and worry for me. Last Friday our 7 year old had surgery….. Nothing super major but surgery none the less.

Friday night into Saturday morning we were still dealing with the affects of anestsiea and pain meds. Sunday he was fine,  Monday he went to school,  Tuesday night he started running a low grade fever. Yesterday he  stayed home. This EARLY I woke up to my son having a raging temperature and vomiting.

Today we will be making a trip to his doctor to find out what the heck is going on. His discharge papers say seek immediate medical attention for a temperature over 101 after Tylenol but this mom says 2 days of fever and now vomiting…….something is very wrong with that picture.

When things are OK the joys of parenthood ARE without measure but when things are like they are now with a super sick child the stresses of parenthood are also without measure.


The weather makes the difference


My love affair with the south began in 1997 when I got stationed at Fort Lee by the Army. It reminded me of Washington state but with warmer weather. I love my home state but I also love warmer weather. Washington is beautiful and there’s so much to do and see if you’ve got money or not but at the same time all that grey and cold wears on a body.
After 7 years of living back in Seattle we decided to move the fam back to Alabama. It’s so much more laid back and of course there’s the added bonus of livable weather.  Take today today for example. After an overnight low of 34 we’ve now got 64 degrees. Perfect park weather for a certain little person who isn’t in school yet.
I will always love Washington and I always miss Seattle when I’m gone from there but you just can’t beat 60s in January and perfect spring temperatures starting in late February to mid March.

With a little wind……



A few weeks back we had some rather interesting weather. It was unusually warm (65 degrees at night in December) raining and there were high wind gusts. Now anyone who lives in the south, knows about the south, or has been to the south knows that that weather combo is the perfect set up for tornados.

According to the weather reports that night there wasn’t a tornado in our area however with high wind gusts and the amount of damage that was done locally I’m inclined to believe that the weather reports that come from a big city 2 1/2 hours away weren’t accurate.
Anyhow……we were under the impression that there was no damage done to our property however the following afternoon I spotted the subject of today’s photo. I guess really one could still say there was no damage done to the property itself however I still can’t help but feel bad for this poor tree. We suspect that the tree was already dead or about dead anyway so my husband isn’t counting it as a major loss. I’m counting it as a perfect photo op. Enjoy


A few days ago I let my daughter use my phone to text a friend. She was sitting on the couch which is innocent enough and then it happened…..    My phone dropped. No big deal I thought as I’ve dropped my phone a few times and it remained undamaged but something about that tumble to the floor from the couch did my screen in.

My phone is nothing super fancy and I was planning on getting a new one in the coming months but still it was kind of upsetting to me to see the two fine cracks on my screen. One is fine and goes across the screen the other goes up the screen into the casing.

Being the genius that I most of the time am (also following the adage old habits die hard) I put my phone in my back pocket upon retrieval from its customary place of rest I discover that there was yet another crack and just now after letting my daughter use my phone again I have two more cracks leading to a total of 5! 5 cracks!!! Hopefully I’ll be getting my phone replaced sooner rather than later.

It shouldn’t stop me from posting pics as I use my rear facing camera for those instead of the forward facing but if my post become scarce again it’s because I’ve suffered some sort of glass in finger pad related injury as a direct result of continuing to use a phone with a broken screen.

Insomnia……I lothe you

For years I have suffered from insomnia sometimes it last days, sometimes weeks and in rare occasions it lasts a month or more. This ugly little beast and I have been acquainted since high school and I HATE it. I hated it in high school and I hate it even more now.
Now days instead of being a sleep deprived teen I’m a sleep deprived mom of 4 with a busy home life and schedule. No matter who you are lack of sleep sucks. It sucks even worse when you’re tired and want nothing more than to sleep and you just can’t or you sleep in 5 minute increments then jump out of bed like your house is on fire at the least little sound.
Yeah insomnia sucks….. But at least I’ve learned over the years how to entertain myself when lack of sleep kicks in.

Beauty in the cold


This is the scene from inside my car this morning. Perfect ice crystals formed on all of my windows. I guess at 19 degrees the moisture in the air has to do something so it decided to collect on my windows (surprisingly enough my doors weren’t frozen).
I’ll tolerate mild cold but I’m not a big fan of super cold so these last few days have been nowhere near fun for me. My hat is off to people who live in the Midwest and Northeast. I don’t know how you do it in the winters. Anyway I hope you enjoy the nature I’ve captured on my car.