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To my back….

Dear back,

I would like to take a moment out of my day to publicly say thank you for all that you have done. You have been my major support for 38 years and goodness knows I’ve put you in some interesting positions and done some less than stellar things to you but you’ve been a real trooper and hung in there with me. You’ve been kicked from the inside and outside, poorly supported or not supported at all, you’ve been poked, prodded, had your picture taken quite a few times and had needles put in you. All of this you have done with grace hard to find anywhere else on earth.

I can understand your frustration with me. You’ve never really asked me for much and yet I’ve chosen to ignore you for years unless you put up a major fuss and then I gave you just the minimum of what you needed to make sure that you were better. I guess our current situation is your way of saying enough is enough. I get it. You need a better mattress to sleep on, one that will offer more support, you would like for me to exercise more again to give you more support. It might also help if I would sit up straight and maybe not put so much stress and strain on you. Just one small problem though…… While you are having this temper tantrum I’m not able to do any of these things. Every time I think you’re just about done with this epic fit your having you let me know that you’re just at the beginning of your laundry list of complaints against me.

I want us to remain friends. I do need you, you’re central to my everyday life and well being. Without you I would just be a mess so can we please just get over this and go back to being friends? I promise this time I will be the very best friend that I can possibly be but I need for you to get better. This is a give and take relationship I can only give you as much as you are able to take and vice versa. I miss the good times we’ve had together and I’m looking forward to seeing you in top shape again.

Well I guess that’s about all I have to say for now. I’ll give you some time to think this over….please don’t take to long though. There’s a lot that needs to be done and we’ve got a long road ahead of us. The sooner we kiss and make up the sooner we can be a good fit again.

With love,

The rest of me


Simple beauty


I’ve spent the last week wrapped up in my back pain and haven’t taken much time to enjoy the simple beauty that is all around me. It just goes to show with one change of events a persons whole outlook and perspective can also change. So today as I try to muddle through a mountain of homework that refuses to do itself I’m also taking a minute to reflect on a moment if simple beauty that brought a smile to my heart. Hope yall are having a better time than me.

Back pain

Friday morning I decided I was going to cook blueberry panckaes, bacon and eggs for my kiddos who were out of school for the day. Half way through cooking the pancakes my lower back started to hurt, not only was my back hurting but also my right leg. By the time I finished the breakfast I was in tears because it hurt to stand. I got in the shower and the pain went away. A few hours later I was standing up talking to my husband and tears started rolling out of my eyes. Never in my 38 years have I been in this much pain. I made it to the doctor who told me I had pinched a nerve in my back.

A bag of meds later I was back at home. I’m no stranger to back pain a few years ago I pulled a muscle in my back and it would spasam so hard I couldn’t stand straight but this is something entirely new. Just plain old back pain I can deal with¬† but when it begins to affect my walking that’s a bird of a different color. I’m soldiering through this as I do for so many different things but this time I can’t even fake a smile to get me through tomorrow I have to go in for s follow up and if its not better I was told I’d be referred to a specialist. I can tell you this, currently laying in my bed without a muscle relaxer or a pain pill coursing through my system to mask the pain its not any better. *sigh*¬† I hope you all have had a better, healthier weekend than I have.